International Sperm? Viking Babies Phenomenon?!

Many couples in the UK are being placed on waiting lists which span over periods of years, due to a shortage in sperm donations. For those experiencing fertility struggles, this time span can be severely disheartening and in turn can initiate varying levels of psychological distress.

So what is this phenomenon all about? Couples are travelling overseas, in particular to Denmark to visit the world’s largest sperm bank in attempt to avoid being placed on these lengthy wait lists. However, the Department of Health has provided the UK National Sperm Bank with funds to help combat this phenomenon.

The access to extra funding is no doubt a positive. However, how will this extra funding impact the current waiting lists? Surely, the list will continue to expand as people who have been on the lists the longest will be seen first? Does this extra funding mean those who do donate will be in receipt of a larger financial incentive? It is also important to consider whether this attempt of combatting an indirect xenophobic reaction?

My View – A majority of couples have been on these waiting lists for years and want to reach the light at the end of their tunnels, thus seeking sperm donation from different geographic locations shouldn’t be highlighted as a phenomenon – the idea should be utilised. Currently, the UK are not only experiencing a sperm donation shortage, there is also a lack of ethnic donations. – This is whole new post in itself!

Now that you have my view on the situation, tell me yours! Get in touch!


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