Sunscreen = MFI?!

I recently came across this article (link below) and found myself to be somewhat shocked!

So, research has now indicated that the chemicals found in sun screen can cause MFI.

It is not a secret that a majority of
cases surrounding MFI have remained unexplained. However, how much truth is in this new finding? The article also goes on to mention shampoo and moisturiser can cause MFI? – Really?! – it’s bad enough lifestyle choices have to be altered in an attempt to manage MFI – but cosmetic products as well?!

Get in touch! What are your opinions on this finding? Is there any truth behind these findings?


3 thoughts on “Sunscreen = MFI?!

      1. Yea, true…..and it may just be one of those statistics that they put together when really the two things have nothing in common….but the numbers suggest they might have something to do with each other.


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