“oh but there’s always adoption”….

For many people sharing the news of infertility to loved ones can be torturous – this can be due to the fact that those around them don’t actually have a clue what to say? Or maybe they’re not sure what infertility is or how it can be managed? Or maybe they’re thinking back to how infertility is portrayed in the media though many much loved sitcoms…the list is endless.

Many people are quick to throw in the “oh but there’s always adoption” solution and some just throw in the stories about how they knew friends of friends of friends who had the same problems – neither of which are helpful. Some people are so phased by how to address the situation they even go to lengths to hide new pregnancies.

So I ask you, why are people so quick to jump to the option of adoption? Sure, it’s there but why are people not vocalising support for continuation of other treatments? What can be done to make sharing this news a lot more pain free? What helped you share the news?


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