Does being labelled a heterosexual top trump homosexuals in battle to conceive?

Recently, I came across an article which started that in Hawaii, infertility treatments were only avaliable to heterosexual couples. I was even more alarmed to see that as well as Hawaii there are other multiple states in the US who also follow this mandate. It’s quite a bizarre mandate for such a westernised country?!

In addition to this, further research has indicated that in countries where infertility treatments are offered to homosexual couples, these couples are faced with a deluge of homophobic attitudes – even from the health care professionals.

Why is it that same sex couples always get the short straw? Get in touch, let me know your thoughts on this mandate!

One thought on “Does being labelled a heterosexual top trump homosexuals in battle to conceive?

  1. I take it you do not live in the US. I do, and this doesn’t surprise me. Yes, also very modern and progressive in many ways, we are basically going through a sequel orientation civil rights war internally. The LGBT community is fighting for rights to marriage and all of the privileges and protections that come with it. The religious and political communities are fighting against them in many areas because of the biblical principals associated with Marriage and our constitution.

    Just as with the civil rights for blacks in US history, sometimes these things that a lot of time and are painful, but a lot of progress has been made and will be made in the coming years until it’s a non-issue.

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