So, they say age is nothing but a number…

I came across the following article earlier today and it initiated a mixture of thoughts, so I’m keen to know everyone else’s opinions on the topic…

Whilst I strongly believe that everyone should have a chance at having their own family, reading the article above made me question a few things. The individual highlighted in the article is 65 years old and not a first time mother – whilst some may argue that 65 isn’t incredibly old; I can’t help but wonder how the age of the mother will reflect on the children’s quality of life in the future? In addition to this, the reason behind her wanting to conceive again was because “her youngest daughter, who is nine, wanted a little brother or sister” – is this a good enough reason?

Apologies, if I may have come across as judgemental (it wasn’t intended) – I’m just trying to separate the pros and cons!

Get in touch! Let me know your thoughts!

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