In reference to a blog post I made in February about Thailand’s surrogacy, it seems as though surrogacy is still chaotic in some countries.

Thailand have now banned foreign individuals from seeking Thai surrogates due to last years surrogacy scandal and are only allowing Thai nationals to use surrogacy as a method of conception. Whilst this can be seen as unfortunate for some, for others laws like this are imperative. For those of you who are unaware, Surrogacy can be seen as a long and winded and also legal process, thus the presence of laws go hand in hand with the legality of the method. However, it has been recently been found that the surrogacy industry in India brings in 2.3 billion dollars annually, with approx. 20,000 clinics operating across the country – with no law to regulate them. Many have even compared infertility and surrogacy to organ transplants – which is a far fetched comparison in my view!

Reading about surrogacy in India has made me question many things such as; does a lack of law or even guidance mean that the legal aspects of surrogacy is falling under standards? Does it mean that the country is driven more by the money than the legal or even health aspects? Does this mean that the country is dismissing the ethics behind surrogacy? Or does the sudden rise in clinics mean that more women from a low economic backgrounds are being forced into surrogacy?

Let me know your thoughts!

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