“Why would you wait two years for a baby when you can just pay someone to get you one straight away?”

I came across this article and was once again shocked by it. For some individuals, having tried using methods such as IVF, IUI etc on multiple occasions can be tiring and of course expensive, thus leading some individuals to adopt. However, adoption isn’t always a straight forward process – especially when it becomes a business on the black market.

The article I’m about to share with you looks at how India’s adoption industry appears to be booming on the black market. The article talks about criminals snatching babies from hospitals and railway stations – why is this acceptable? why is this allowed? Surely this is a problem the government need to look into?

A section of the article reads:

Maneka Gandhi, the minister for women and child development, plans to overhaul the “complicated” system to boost those numbers, saying parents waiting years for children is “shameful.”

Gandhi is working to simplify the application process, including through a national online tracking system, and a campaign to encourage more parents to use it.

“Adopting them (children) legally is such a nuisance, so if we make it easier then people won’t go around pinching babies,” she told AFP.

Surely, legal adoptions add order? In regard to the shame regarding parents waiting years – surely, all parents going down the adoption route have to wait to ensure the correct checks are conducted? Does the process not have to be somewhat complicated? I mean we’re dealing with children here, not objects?

Have a read of the article below and let me know your thoughts!


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