Thailand…womb of the world?

Fertility tourism is continuing to become a common option for those experiencing the struggle, it involves travelling abroad to receive a wide range of fertility treatments ranging from IVF to Surrogacy. Fertility tourism was spotlighted last year, when the case of baby Gammy occurred – According to baby Gammy’s surrogate mother, the family baby Gammy … More Thailand…womb of the world?


The Three Parent Baby Trap? The New IVF Technique?

Genetically Modified Babies?! Here’s another interesting article I came across!–is-new-ivf-technique-safe-9864156.html “Britain is set to become the first country in the world to allow a procedure that promises to prevent inherited disorders being passed on”. – Interesting Rationale! But does this not create an ethical debate? On one hand this new technique is helping avoid … More The Three Parent Baby Trap? The New IVF Technique?