Celebrities or Aliens?

The topic of recent conversation focuses on whether or not celebrities should share their fertility struggles with their fans. Sure, this can have benefits to many fans, as it would reassure them that they are not alone. However, is this fair to the celebrity? Of course, having your life broadcasted across social media is part … More Celebrities or Aliens?

Everyone Deserves A Chance…

Reading this article below put a smile on my face. – It’s nice to see people acknowledging infertility impacts men and women from all walks of life, regardless of financial backgrounds. http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report-10000-poor-couples-to-get-free-in-vitro-fertilisation-treatment-soon-2059043 Many individuals who fall under the poverty line in countries such as India may not even be aware of the fact that they … More Everyone Deserves A Chance…

The Three Parent Baby Trap? The New IVF Technique?

Genetically Modified Babies?! Here’s another interesting article I came across! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/exclusive-the-threeparent-baby-trap–is-new-ivf-technique-safe-9864156.html “Britain is set to become the first country in the world to allow a procedure that promises to prevent inherited disorders being passed on”. – Interesting Rationale! But does this not create an ethical debate? On one hand this new technique is helping avoid … More The Three Parent Baby Trap? The New IVF Technique?

Sunscreen = MFI?!

I recently came across this article (link below) and found myself to be somewhat shocked! So, research has now indicated that the chemicals found in sun screen can cause MFI. It is not a secret that a majority of cases surrounding MFI have remained unexplained. However, how much truth is in this new finding? The … More Sunscreen = MFI?!

International Sperm? Viking Babies Phenomenon?!

Many couples in the UK are being placed on waiting lists which span over periods of years, due to a shortage in sperm donations. For those experiencing fertility struggles, this time span can be severely disheartening and in turn can initiate varying levels of psychological distress. So what is this phenomenon all about? Couples are … More International Sperm? Viking Babies Phenomenon?!