Fertility Myths…

Upon receiving a medical diagnosis – fertility related or general health related – many individual turn to the internet or family and friends for support on how to deal with this new diagnosis. Many even fall into the trap of following myths surrounding the diagnosis, which got me reading about myths surrounding infertility and its … More Fertility Myths…


International Sperm? Viking Babies Phenomenon?!

Many couples in the UK are being placed on waiting lists which span over periods of years, due to a shortage in sperm donations. For those experiencing fertility struggles, this time span can be severely disheartening and in turn can initiate varying levels of psychological distress. So what is this phenomenon all about? Couples are … More International Sperm? Viking Babies Phenomenon?!

Me, My Wife & Her Employer… The new intimate 3 some

Major companies across the pond have initiated egg-freezing schemes for their female employees in a ploy to keep them employed for longer. Granted, this can be beneficial to both the employee and the company. However, there are factors, which have failed to be considered. This brings me to my current debate; WHAT ABOUT MEN? ¬†Why … More Me, My Wife & Her Employer… The new intimate 3 some