My attention was drawn to this story on Twitter yesterday and I must admit I was taken back…


Surrogacy is such a beautiful and selfless experience. However, for some individuals the fight after the surrogacy can essentially ruin the experience. I was appalled to read that a surrogate mother is refusing to sign documents due to the fact that she doesn’t want her child to be raised by gay parents. – This alone is ridiculous in my view. Just because individuals are gay doesn’t mean they would love and care for the baby any less! In fact opinions like this anger me! (Although, I must respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion).

I was shocked when I read that this surrogate accused the couple of human trafficking – why agree to be the surrogate if you had these reservations?! To accuse someone of human trafficking is an intense claim! It makes me question where she got that idea from? From the perspective of the couple – it’s a horrendous claim to be faced with!

If anyone can help the couple with this struggle please do contact them through the link provided above!

I really and truly wish the couple the very best of luck and hope baby Carmen comes home soon!

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